Fire Show Dublin: Book a Fire Show in Ireland

Thrill your guests with one of the most unique entertainment ideas of this year, now available for booking Nationwide! Every event needs to stand out, to have a unique element that will prevent it from fading from your guests’ memory too soon. A fire show is a one-of-a-kind stage show that will amaze the crowd – guaranteed.

A digital fire spectacle can take place anywhere – inside and outside, and can take as little or as long as you wish. It can be a wonderful treat for any private party, a unique touch for a wedding reception, or an assurance that your PR Event will result in a tidal wave of selfies and shares that will hit Facebook the next day.

Fire Show Ireland: LED Special FX never seen before in the country!

Our fire shows are unlike others you may have seen before. We improved upon the classic pyro routine by replacing the actual fire with a more colourful, more captivating and versatile alternative: LED fire.

You can book almost any number of performers, all of them highly experienced in the art of digital fire spinning. Charity events, award nights, gala dinners or even public events – they can all benefit from the beauty of a well-executed fireshow.

Fire Show Safety: How safe are LED fire performances?

With regular fire performances your venue has to pass a Risk Management Plan – a process which can be costly or even impossible in some situations.

LED Fire is the 100% safe alternative to a regular pyrotechnics show, just as visually stunning (if not more) while eliminating the element of danger.

We pride ourselves on safety and – after 25+ years of fire shows – we still have a perfect record with zero unpleasant incidents.

Fire Show for PR Campaigns: Your brand’s logo as part of the spectacle

One of the many benefits of a digital fire act is that the LEDs are fully programmable.

The possibilities are boundless and the show is so dynamic and fun that people will definitely notice your company’s logo or message spinning in the hands of the performer.

Our digital fire routine is tightly polished, incorporating dance moves and mesmerizing animations that will no doubt get your brand noticed.

How much should you pay when booking a fire show?

The unique LED fire act offered by Digital Fire Art and our sister company BOOKA Fire Performer starts from 195 € and can be booked online immediately on BOOKA or by getting in touch with us:

Phone No: + 353 1 201 3660

Send us a message.

Fire Show

Fire show in Ireland available for booking with highly talented fire performers.

A 5-star show from a company with over 100 Google+ reviews.

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